Do you or your child want to learn an instrument but you're not sure where to start? Piano is a great place to start learning how to read, write, and play music! I teach beginners (RCM Levels Preparatory to 6) in order to foster a strong foundation, love of music, and love of music lessons! I also offer coaching to those aspiring youtube and TikTok stars who wish to accompany themselves on piano for their song covers! Piano is a fantastic way to elevate your cover channel or your performance at your local open mic night!



Make your singing dreams a reality! I specialize in teaching contemporary voice styles including pop, jazz, R&B, Broadway (classical and contemporary), rock, folk, choral, and alternative. For some performers engaging their audience comes naturally, for others it's a learned skill. Included is stage presence coaching in order for students to learn how to express themselves successfully and professionally on stage. You'll learn proper microphone technique, how to incorporate body movement into your already growing singing technique, how to work the stage, how to plan your performances, and ultimately how to work an entire crowd!


I teach arranging as well as RCM theory levels Preparatory to 8. I have a track record of happy, successful exam takers. These lessons are for the beat makers,  jazz arrangers, and RCM exam takers. Learn the ins and outs of music; think of it as learning a new language! With these lessons you'll learn the building blocks of everything from your favourite top 40 songs to the world's most revered symphonic works! 

Music Theory

Music Theory


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I consider myself a well-rounded musician as I am formally trained in jazz, classical, and
musical theatre performance. In 2016 I received my Bachelor's Degree in Jazz Vocal
Performance from the University of Toronto. My vocal performance experiences span across
many different genres of music including jazz, pop, classical/contemporary Broadway, R&B, disco, rock, folk, and free/experimental/alternative music. My classical music performance training
pertains to the trombone which I’ve been playing since 2007.
Since graduating in 2016 from the University of Toronto I frequently perform professionally at
galas, weddings, corporate events, and public events. In 2016 I formed the Alex Kapo Quintet
which features some of Toronto’s best up and coming jazz musicians. We perform at various
jazz venues in Toronto, most notably at the Rex Jazz and Blues Bar, and are currently working
on producing our first EP as an ensemble. I am also in the midst of composing, arranging, and
producing my own pop music EP. Since 2015 I have been part of numerous professional studio
recordings for various albums, television shows, and movies. My most recognizable experience has been recording vocal music and sounds for movies The Witch and In The Tall Grass. Both are currently available to watch on Netflix.
My teaching style focuses on students learning proper technique to create a healthy sound in
order to build a strong, sustainable foundation to use for the rest of their musical lives. I possess
skills in diagnosing vocal, instrumental, and performance issues. I then treat these issues with various
effective methods and exercises learned through experience and formal education. When it comes to vocal students, in particular, my goal is to steer them away from trying to sound like whoever is on the radio and help them find their own unique, beautiful voice. 
​Currently, I teach out of my own private studio where I travel to students and some travel to me. I teach students of all ages and stages of their musical careers; however, I generally do not teach children under the age of ten as I believe educating toddlers is an entire skill set on its own. I ensure each and every one of my students feel at ease and comfortable during their lessons; leaving feeling a sense of accomplishment. I use a very holistic approach to teaching as every student is different and unique. There are many different ways to reach the same destination whether that may be developing a head voice, expanding one’s playing or vocal range, learning to sing runs, learning to belt, memorization, learning music theory, and anything else I or the student feels they should or would like to learn. My main goal is for my students to reach their goals, build a healthy technical foundation, explore their creativity, find and break their boundaries, and foster their musicianship so they may flourish and express themselves with ease and enjoyment through music.  


The prospective student's first trial lesson is 30-minutes in length, $20.00. Lesson times can occur on a casual or weekly basis based on the student's preference and lesson plan. Lesson cancellations with at least 24-hours notice will receive a lesson credit to be used at a later date. Lessons canceled with less than 24-hours notice will not receive a lesson credit. Student absence without notice will result in no lesson credit. As your teacher I reserve the right to miss and/or cancel lessons due to illness or professional commitments. These lessons will be credited and rescheduled at a later date. All religious and non-religious holidays will be respected and observed at the student's and teacher's discretion when scheduling lessons. Extenuating circumstances (inclement weather conditions, sudden sickness, etc.) will always be taken into account when issuing lesson credits. Payment must be made 24-hours prior to the first lesson of your lesson plan. Failure to do so will result in the immediate cancellation of your lesson plan and time slot. Acceptable payment methods are e-transfer, PayPal*, or cash. In the event you no longer wish to continue your music lessons, a courtesy of two weeks would be greatly appreciated in order to avoid overlapping payments and an empty time slot.  

*Merchant fee will be added to your invoice upon purchase (2.9% + $0.30).